3 Most Common Hair Replacement Systems for Men and The Way to Keep the Result Last Longer

Hair replacement systems for men are effective for those who have male baldness, not identical size heads or bad hair patterns. These systems are also good for men who want to have stylish hair naturally and look fit. You should know the information below before taking custom hair replacement services.

The Types of Custom Hair Replacement Systems for Men 

Lace Front 

The lace front hair replacement system tries to fix the front hairline. The team will put a thin material at the front of the unit form. They will do it from one temple to another temple for up to 2 to 3 inches or even more. 

This system uses a special lace tape to hold the lace tight to keep it looking natural. It is one of the most popular hair replacement systems. You have to replace it at least every 6 months because the material is extremely fragile. 

Scallop Front 

A scallop front hair replacement system is using semi-circle material along the hairline. It looks realistic due to the use of polyurethane that looks like skin. Just like the lace front system, the scallop front hair replacement system is also attached using tape adhesive. The treatment takes two or three times to remove the fragile hair and get the hair. 

Bleached Knots 

The Bleached Knots system is one of the most popular hair replacement systems for men. It is because the result looks realistic. It seems that the hair is growing from the scalp. The bleached system is used to hide the knots. 

The experts often combine this system with the lace front system to show that the hair seems to grow out of the head. It is okay for men who have black, dark brown, medium brown, and brown hair color. The color of the bleached knots varies from light brown to blonde. It depends on the color of your hair. 

The Way to Take Care of Hair Piece During the Treatment  

A specific service, such as KTS, Inc. is ready to help to replace your hair. You need to cut and treat your hair to a hairstylist. Don’t forget to wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Try to avoid specific ingredients, including Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils if you want to apply conditioners. 

You would better be using a spray conditioner to keep the hair soft and pliable. Take care of your hair regularly so it doesn’t dry and tangle. During this treatment, you are also not allowed to use styling products that contain alcohol.  

The Durability of the Hair Replacement Systems 

The durability of the product depends on the sturdiness of the base. Synthetic hair is often more durable and less resistant to fading than semi-permanent hairpieces. You would better tear the hairpieces during sleep and showering to keep them more durable, although it is okay if you want to keep wearing the hairpieces during these times. 

The most important thing is that the hair replacement systems for men help to bring confidence back. No one knows that you are applying this service since it is just like your real hair.