Tips to Securely Buy Medicines Online

The presence of various online apps is indeed helpful and making our daily activities a lot easier. Besides ordering a taxi and food online, now we can also order and buy medicines online. By buying medicines online, there is no need for us to go to the drug store. You can buy it via apps or websites. However, since medicines are strongly related to our health, we cannot carelessly buy medicines online. There are several things that you must consider when doing so.

Make Sure the Online Drug Stores are Legal

With a lot of online  available on the internet, you should be really careful when choosing one. Make sure the online drug store where you will buy medicines is legal and officially under a strong legal entity. Also, make sure all products sold by the online drug store have legality as well as passed the standardization test. Choose a trustworthy, professional online drug store. You are suggested to buy medicines from popular drug stores’ official websites.

Use Doctors’ Prescription

Some drugs are classified as potent drugs so that you need prescriptions from doctors to buy them. You are suggested not to carelessly buy potent drugs without prescriptions since it can be dangerous for your health. Also, do not self-diagnose and end up buying wrong, unsuitable medicines for your health conditions. Check up your health conditions to doctors or hospitals so that you will get the right prescriptions for medicines from the doctor.

Professional, reputable online drug stores usually have a feature that makes it easier for customers to buy medicines with a prescription. You can also consult the online drug store first about the medicine you are going to purchase.

Check the Drug Distribution Permit

In order to make sure that the medicine you are going to buy is safe to take, you should check the distribution permit of the medicine. Medicines that already have distribution permits from the authorities are surely safe to consume. The distribution permit can usually be seen in the package.

Check the Expire Date

Besides making sure that the medicine you will buy has the distribution permit and is safe to take, it is also important for you to check the medicine’s expiration date. Make sure the expiration date is still long, years away if necessary. Do not buy medicines whose expiration dates nearly come. Trusted, reputable online pharmacy in Italy will surely include the medicines’ expiration dates on their apps or websites.

Don’ts When Buying Medicines Online

∙        Do not buy prescribed medicines from online drug stores that do not ask for your original prescription.

∙        Do not buy medicines on online drug stores that do not provide contacts or customer services.

∙        Do not buy medicines from online drug stores that do not publish the list of their drug supply pharmacies.

∙        Check the price of the medicine on the online drug stores, then compare it with the one in the market. If the price on online drug stores is way too affordable, you should be suspicious.


Richard Sorgnard Explains How COVID-19 Disrupted Chronic Disease Management and What to Do Now

Medical technology expert Richard Sorgnard discusses chronic disease management both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Across the United States, new COVID-19 infections have steadily declined as more people get vaccinated and/or develop natural immunity. Yet the impact of the pandemic will still be felt for years to come. Throughout the crisis, many people had to put treating other diseases and managing chronic conditions on hold. Medical expert Richard Sorgnard takes a look at how COVID-19 impacted chronic disease management and what it means going forward.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many patients avoided seeking medical care for chronic conditions, and in some cases, people were denied easy access to treatment,” Richard Sorgnard notes. “For example, chemotherapy treatment for cancer was, in some cases, delayed.”

Thankfully, cancer treatment and other forms of healthcare treatment are getting back on schedule. Still, when it comes to chronic conditions, day-in and day-out management are vital. Treatment delays over the past few years may cause issues well into the future.

Research published by the National Institutes of Health found that diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and hypertension were most impacted by the pandemic, at least as far as chronic conditions were concerned. During the pandemic, many doctors and patients had to put off face-to-face meetings, instead, relying on telecommunication.

“With chronic diseases, day-to-day management is often vital,” Richard Sorgnard says. “A patient suffering from diabetes or pre-diabetes and who couldn’t access healthcare services as normal may face poorer outcomes. Diabetes and other chronic conditions can quickly worsen without proper daily care.”

In some cases, complications from diabetes can result in lost limbs and crippling symptoms, and medical problems. Data suggest that preventable limb amputations increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as patients delayed care and were sheltered in place.

Pandemic Highlights Importance of Smart Medical Devices

Fortunately, medical technology companies are working to make chronic diseases more manageable. Remote care options, for example, allow medical professionals to work with patients wherever they are. Smart devices, meanwhile, can help patients monitor and manage conditions.

“The pandemic is a harsh reminder of just how important it is to properly manage chronic diseases. And even as healthcare gets back to normal, it’s important for patients to manage chronic diseases at home,” Richard Sorgnard notes. “Improved medical technology and remote healthcare options should improve outcomes in the long run.”

Managing blood levels, for example, is a major challenge for patients with diabetes. While at-home blood tests have improved, many patients still benefit from oversight from medical professionals. Wearables now can measure blood sugar levels and even regulate insulin levels. Data collected by devices can be analyzed by medical professionals even if the patient doesn’t come into the office.

“Wearables and smart medical devices increase self-service when managing chronic diseases. COVID-19 laid bare just how important effective chronic disease management is,” Richard Sorgnard says, “but going forward, improving medical technologies will improve day-to-day management of chronic conditions.”


2 Most Common Drug Testing Supplies Use by Health Care Providers to Get a Quick and Accurate Result

Companies often do a substance abuse screening test to ensure that their employees don’t deal with drug issues. Health care providers and companies should be ready with high-quality drug testing supplies to get an accurate result. I Drug Screen is one of the testing associations that help people or companies who want to take drug testing. Before that, learn how drug testing works below.

Urine Drug Testing

Participants can use their urine to provide a sample. It is known as urine drug testing or urinalysis. In the process, participants have to put their urine samples on a specific tool, such as a single panel pipette drug test.

It uses three drops of urine per well to detect the drug in urine. Some companies and health care providers love to use this tool because they can get the result in only 5 minutes. The result is also accurate.

How to Use Urine Drug Testing Tools

You only have to remove the test tool from the sealed pouch before using it. Then, add three drops of your urine to each specimen well. Set the timer for five minutes and ready the results. You will see the test line or T and the control line region or C.

The control line region or C shows a color if the participant is positive. On the other hand, the participant is negative if the T and the C regions show a color. Replace the test tool with a new one and does the test again if you see the color on the T region. It means that the result is invalid. A positive urine test result means that the participant is using a drug.

Saliva Drug Testing

Health care providers also often collect the specimen or sample from the Saliva. It is known as oral fluid drug testing. This test can detect common drugs, including alcohol, amphetamines, barbiturates, cocaine, marijuana, and more. In the process, health care providers often use oral drug testing supplies, such as an oral drug test tool with panels or a mouth swab kit.

How to Use Saliva Drug Testing Tools

As a healthcare provider, you should remove the package in front of the participants. It shows that you are using a new tool. Now, use the sponge to swab inside the mouth and wait until the saturation indicator turns red.

Insert the saturated sponge into the test cup and close it. Put the test cup on a flat surface and upright. Open the cup after 5 minutes to know the result. The way to check the result is the same as checking the urine drug test result. Check the control line region. If it turns red, it means the participant is positive.

Health care providers often use urine and saliva drug tests because the tool is straightforward to use. The drug testing supplies are also easy to find online, such as at I Drug Screen. The most important thing is that the tools give a fast and accurate result. The quicker health care providers know the drug test result, the faster they decide the treatment for the positive participants.