3 Types of Sedation Dentist Service You Can Use

In the past, people were afraid of coming to the dentist because they experience one of the painful moments in their life there. They had trauma, which then create a mindset and paradigm about the dentist. However, with the latest and advanced medical technology, you don’t need to worry anymore about that painful experience. It is thanks to the sedation-type dentist that you can find. Now, how to find a Sedation dentist in Santa Rosa or other areas where you live? The answer is choosing the type of sedation that you want. Here, we have information about the type of sedation dentist you can use.

Laughing Gas

It is maybe the standard service that most patients get when they use the sedation dentist service. the gas that we are talking about here is nitrous oxide. It helps you to feel relaxed and calm. Therefore, you won’t have to face that scary experience or thought when you go to the dentist.

The application is also easy and not scary. You only need to wear a gas mask. The dentist then starts to give you the laughing gas. After minutes, you will feel relaxed. Best of all, the laughing gas doesn’t stay that long. It is quite to wear off, therefore, you can go home in your car without help from other people. It is the best choice for simple dental treatment.

Oral Sedation

The other types of sedation dentist service are oral sedation. As its name implied, you need to take the sedation medicine orally. The dentist will prescribe the medicine that you should take before the treatment. It will then take the effect, which will help the treatment from the dentist.

The effect of this sedation type will make you feel drowsy. In some cases, you also can fall asleep after taking the oral sedation medicine. The effect of this sedation can last much longer than the laughing gas. Therefore, you need someone to drive you back home after the treatment. Ask your friends or family to take you to the dentist to get the treatment with this type of sedation.

IV Sedation

The last type of sedation dentist service you can use is IV sedation. The dentist will insert an IV line into your vein and use the liquid sedation medicine. This method will put you asleep. You won’t be conscious during the treatment. The effect also lasts much longer than the other sedation type. Mostly, the dentist uses this type for big treatment that needs hours to finish.

The dentist will use many types of equipment to monitor your condition. They will ensure that your body and vital sign is in normal states. After the treatment, you need times to recover. Of course, you also need someone to drive you home.


Before you choose any type of sedation dentist service, you should consult this matter with your dentist. Be honest and tell them about your situation, including if you are afraid of the dental treatment. Then, you can get the best service of Sedation dentists in Santa Rosa that you need.