Causes of Swollen Feet

Foot swelling also called edema, which means there is an accumulation of fluid in the the swollen parts if the leg. The fluid buildup is rarely painful unless it has been caused by an injury. Foot, ankle, and leg swelling is common among adults. The welling can affect only one side of the body or both. The swelling can affect one or more parts of the body. While most edema is not a cause of alarm, it is important to consult a doctor to be sure of your condition and the cause of the swelling. Here are several causes of foot swelling.

Some medications

There are a number of medications that can cause different types of edema. For instance, blood pressure drugs and cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiotherapy can cause a type of swelling called linfedema.


The posture of sleeping, how long you sleep, and where you sleep can also be a contributing factor of swollen legs. Sleep in a posture that does not allow you to elevate your feet is also a significant cause of edema. You should also ensure have enough uninterrupted sleep because lack of enough sleep is also a leading cause of swollen legs.


When you spend a lot of time sitting in the same position with your legs down, you might attract a swollen foot. To keep the feet healthy, you should walk around to engage the calf muscle and elevate your feet when sitting for long.

Body weight

Obesity can worsen the swelling of the foot and it can make you sedentary.

Salt intake

You do not need to be adding salt to your food to conclude that your salt intake is high. Different foods like canned food, ketchup, hot dogs, and cold cuts are loaded with a lot of salt that can affect our bodies.


Hormones can cause edema in young girls.

To determine the severity and cause of your swelling, you need to visit a medical specialist for check-up and possible treatment.