Production Data Capture System for All Industries, Including Health Care


Valid and accurate data has an important role in a company. You can’t improve your company maximally without using the right data. Nowadays, you don’t need to collect data from your company manually. The data gathering process will take time, money, and energy. Instead of that, you can use a specific technology such as Zeus production data capture. Check the things that this service can do to support your business.

Input Data via PDC Terminals

You have to get accurate data about cost, operational sequences, and projects. The data is useful to know the condition of the company and what you can do to improve it. Zeus uses PDC terminals for fast and accurate data gathering. The system is compatible with mobile devices. You can use the software terminals from all areas such as the production, engineering, and development areas. One of the features supports the system by giving validation checks to make sure that you have valid and accurate data.

Identify the Condition of a Company

Another role of this production data capture is to help you identify the condition of your company or business. This system knows the weakness of your company based on the data gathered. You can’t only use this system only for analyzing the weakness but also a solution to improve your company better.

Suitable for All Types of Businesses or Companies

This system is not only for a large company or business. The developer also develops it for small and medium-sized companies. A company that uses an ERP interface can even apply this system. The goal is to provide accurate information on the working and operational procedures.

Maximize Efficiency

Some companies do many things that reduce their efficiency. As a result, companies seem to do something useless that reduces their capital. The worse thing is that it also reduces the productivity of the company. Zeus tries to overcome this problem and improve companies in better condition. The better you manage your data, the more effective your company. At the same time, companies can also keep more capital and use it for other crucial things.

Fast Detection System

You have to detect the condition of your company periodically. Accurate detection needs valid data from the company. The process will be much easier and faster by using Zeus. The system works automatically to collect data, operations, and projects. Then, companies get the latest condition. As a result, they know what to do next to keep and even improve performance.

Compatible for All Types of Industries

This service is not only suitable for all sizes of companies but also all types of industries. All companies can apply the Zeus production data capture system doesn’t matter if they are manufacturing, public services, bank, insurance, and health care.

The point that having valid and accurate data of the company is crucial. The data determine the condition of the company in the present and future. Zeus production data capture is one of the services that make the data gathering process much simpler to do.